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How does it work?


Bee’s Knees proprietary blend of bee’s wax and mineral oil, will bring out the natural beauty of your wood without changing the colour or leaving a sticky residue.


Bee’s wax has been used throughout the ages to protect wood and help bring out its glossy natural patina. Combined with mineral oil and the soothing aroma of lavender, it forms a rich, glossy patina that nourishes wood and leaves it silky-smooth to the touch.


Note: Bee’s Wax is a natural sealant but it will not waterproof wood.

Bee's Knees Wood Polish

How to apply Bee's Knees Wood / Furniture Polish


Bee’s Knees Wood Polish may be used on all kinds of wood but for best results, apply as a maintenance coating to previously finished wood. You may use Bee’s Knees as coating on unfinished wood, however it requires several coats to build a shine.


Apply a thin layer of polish with a soft cloth or sponge. Allow it to penetrate into the wood and then buff away any residue. Depending on the existing finish of the wood, several applications may be required to restore shine.

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