Bee's Knees Leather Conditioner


How does it work?



Bee’s Knees Leather Conditioner is meant for all kinds of natural leather products, including shoes, purses, belts, saddles and furniture. The bee’s wax protects, coconut and almond oils penetrate to nourish and soften the leather, while castor oil gives sheen.


How to apply Leather Conditioner


Apply a generous layer of Bee’s Knees Leather Conditioner to the leather with a sponge or soft cloth and leave it anywhere from a few minutes to several hours, preferably in a warm location, in order to saturate into the grain.  Depending on the dryness of the leather, additional coats may be required.


Note: Bee’s Knees leather conditioner is not a cleaner.  Leather will darken somewhat after application of conditioner.  Bee’s wax is a natural sealant but it will not waterproof leather.

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